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The Computer Prop House

Click Computer Systems providing Television and Film Industries throughout the UK & Europe with high quality on budget IT props and bespoke graphics and animations. We are the computer prop house based in Yorkshire. From stock we can supply a wide range of computers, monitors, laptops, mobile phones, games consoles and other office equipment.
Everything is prepared to the production’s needs, we work with your art department, call on us just when you need our expertise. You are never out of the loop, each major step in the development of the graphic is uploaded for approval and tweaks to a secure site on our web server. This facilitates the approval of graphics within minutes and eliminates the need for time consuming face to face meetings and the problems of geographical location. Using our server for your graphics, simply means everything is available at any location or set that has internet access.

Finally, but most importantly, our costs are very competitive. We work for you and your budget. We are here to relive some of the stress from the modern busy art department. Providing computers and graphics on time and to budget


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